24 September 2004 - Zeraxis connect RFID and PeopleSoft(TM)

Zeraxis have been working with UK infrastructure company WareLite to prove the case for using RFID to drive real-time business processes in PeopleSoft products.

Zeraxis has worked closely with WareLite to develop a range of connectors to pass transactions generated from the movement of RFID tagged goods into PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management products, for example, moving manufactured goods into a warehouse managed by PeopleSoft Inventory.

The infrastructure provided by WareLite Business Operating Support System provides the ideal rule-based event-driven platform that can present transactions to PeopleSoft, but also other bespoke or packaged systems, all triggered by the same RFID signal.

"As system integrators, WareLite provides Zeraxis with a tool to guarantee that transactions updating multiple systems are correctly orchestrated." remarks Adrian Young, Zeraxis' Director of Professional Services.
"Now that we can re-use business rules, we can bring the benefits of the real-time enterprise to our customers much more efficiently."

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