JeriTech Event-Driven Solutions For Artworks Protection

JeriTech solutions provide zero-latency automated responsiveness to potential danger
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Real Time Transaction Activity Monitoring

The solution automates the monitoring of each single financial transaction
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Total Security Hub

Developed in collaboration with ESIET Srl, the Total Security Hub adds real time location tracking capabilities to current access control systems
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Real Time Retail Demand Chain Management

Out-of-Stocks cost retailers an average 4% of annual turnover.
This paper considers the application of adaptable software technology that permits a dramatic reduction of Out-of-Stocks.
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Real Time RFID Management

WareLite BOSS provides the ideal platform for RFID.
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Real Time Delivery Tracking

This whitepaper describes how to apply WareLite RTPD² methodology to the design and development of a Real Time Delivery Tracking business scenario.
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