29 May 2008 - Bloor Research on WL BOSS

Simon Holloway, Practice Leader - Process Management and RFID describes the architecture of WareLite Business Operating Support System.
WareLite BOSS

1 February 2008 - Bernhard Lascy is WareLite Professional Technology Services Director

Bernhard started his career as an electronics engineer at ELIN/Austria, developing software for the process control system ELDATIC-2000. In 1986 he moved to Munich and founded his own consulting company, W.A.Mozart Consulting. Under this brand, Bernhard has been collaborating with both local firms, like A-Consult, an Austrian SAP Partner, as well as global companies like IBM, where he joined the DCS-Project at the IBM Research Laboratories in Zurich. Since 1989 Bernhard has been providing his expertise and software development skills to SAP customers implementing business processes, Workflow, EDI-concepts and Subsystems. Bernhard has also been very active in the academia, with collaborations with the Paul Scherrer Institute. In 1998 he got his Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Oakland University, Detroit. Bernhard is currently working on another Master Thesis at VUT focused on the European requirements for Engineering Management. Bernhard joins WareLite to manage the deployment of innovative event-driven solutions at European and global enterprises.

7 January 2008 - Stephen McGee is WareLite Sales Director

Stephen joins Warelite with over 20 years experience spearheading sales of ERP & Innovative new technology solutions for a number of successful Global & UK businesses. Stephen's career progressed from Product Management & Marketing, through to Direct Sales & Account Management, and more recently strategic Business Development and Sales Management. Stephen is a high achieving, results driven, hands-on sales professional, with proven skills in business development, spearheading channel & partner initiatives, identifying realistic and profitable opportunities, and bringing an unusual degree of creativity to market and business growth.

4 September 2007 - Louise Beaumont is WareLite Head of Consulting

Driving the entire marketing lifecycle from client insight through business and marketing strategy development and marketing planning; to meeting client needs through excellent solutions; and building great relationships through strong communication and account based marketing, Louise works with clients to focus and accelerate their business development. She has consulted widely across the technology, life science and government sectors - focusing on everything from SMEs to multi-billion pound outsourcing deals - as well as having held senior positions in three global blue chip companies. Louise has worked across Europe and the US; beginning with an MA from St Andrew's University, followed by a PhD. from Strathclyde Business School. She then worked in consulting, strategy and marketing roles at Capgemini and Siemens, rising to VP of Marketing and Communications at Unisys.

31 July 2007 - WareLite News

IBM and WareLite address Retail Out-of-Stocks
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8 March 2007 - WareLite News

WareLite announce the creation of JeriTech Ltd, a new Company dedicated to the development of Event-Driven Safety & Security Solutions for the protection of Artworks
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25 October 2006 - Press Release

WareLite announce new Real Time Demand Chain Management solution addressing retail On-Shelf Availability
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20 September 2006 - Press Release

WareLite and Marathon Technologies announce alliance
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04 September 2006 - Press Release

WareLite positioned in the visionaries quadrant for 2Q06 Enterprise Application Servers Magic Quadrant
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22 May 2006 - Press Release

WareLite Ltd publish new performance and scalability benchmarks for their grid-based Event Driven Application Server, WL BOSS
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28 March 2006 - Press Release

WareLite Named "Cool Vendor" by Leading Analyst Firm
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7 March 2006 - Press Release

WareLite Ltd announce the creation of WareLite Italia
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December 2005 - BIJ: WareLite unlock the potential of grid computing

In an article for the Business Integration Journal, Massimo Pezzini mentions WareLite among the pioneering start-ups enabling enterprises to take full advantage of the potential of grid computing

21 November 2005 - Press Release

WareLite Ltd announces the European launch of a new physical security solution based on wireless detection of personnel position-monitoring tags.
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6 October 2005 - Press Release

WareLite announces a new alliance with Esiet Srl Innovative Business Process-Oriented Software Company Announces Partnership in Real-Time IT Operations Support.
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29 September 2005 - Maurizio Dosso is Business Development Director to WareLite

Maurizio joins WareLite as Business Development Director and he will support the Company as it expands its footprint in the Logistics and SCM markets. Maurizio is a Senior Management and IT Consultant, with a 30-years experience spanning from ERPs to Executive Information Systems. Maurizio began his career in 1975 as an Information Systems analyst and software developer and he moved through various technical, management and consulting roles. Serving as R&D Director for a major italian software company he led the design, development and delivery of several ERP systems. Maurizio holds a degree in Economics and Statistics from the Catholic University of Milan, where he was also a member of the OR Group teaching Simulation and Mathematical Programming.

14 July 2005 - Bloor Research on WL BOSS for EDA

As the Event-Driven Architecture concept becomes more familiar within the ICT community, Peter Abrahams, Integration Infrastructure Practice Leader of Bloor Research, has recently dedicated an article to WareLite BOSS, stressing the benefits of our simple approach in terms of low cost of development and high performance.
Simple infrastructure for EDA processor agent

02 May 2005 - Press Release

Innovative Business Process-Oriented Software aids Application Development & Execution
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3 February 2005 - Rob Bamforth is Strategic Marketing Advisor to WareLite

With over twenty three years in IT, Rob is an innovative and sales-focused marketing and technology specialist with extensive experience in identifying and promoting emerging concepts, and managing diverse teams. Analytical ability, strong communication skills and a commitment to deliver have brought success in sales, business development and marketing roles. Rob was among the first to see the commercial potential of both the Internet and Java through his business development roles at Sun Microsystems in the mid 1990s. His experiences in sales and marketing have been driven by an understanding of the broader picture, and desire to arouse enthusiasm and bring comprehension to a business audience. Rob also works as an industry analyst looking at service provision and mobility in the convergence of IT and telecommunications.

29 December 2004 - Mark Mills joins WareLite as Alliance Director

Mark has over 20 years IT experience, covering technology, marketing, alliances, sales and sales management. As Alliance Director, Mark will deploy his extensive knowledge of IT sales and alliances to develop business opportunities for Warelite, primarily through strategic partnerships.

24 September 2004 - Zeraxis connect RFID and PeopleSoft(TM)

Zeraxis have been working with WareLite to prove the case for using RFID to drive real time business processes in PeopleSoft products, for example moving manufactured goods into a warehouse managed by PeopleSoft Inventory
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23 September 2004 - Bloor Research on WL BOSS for RFID

Independent Analyst Bloor Research writes on the benefits that WareLite Business Operating Support System can provide to RFID early adopters - whatever their size
Business Processes, not technology, show who's BOSS in RFID