WareLite Limited

WareLite Limited is a UK Independent Software Vendor. WareLite has developed the Business Operating Support System (WL BOSS), a Grid Based, Event Driven Application Platform (EDAP) for the execution of real time processes requiring 'extreme' transactional performance (XTP). WareLite collaborates with its Partners in the Design & Delivery of innovative, Event-Driven Real Time Business Solutions that leverage WL BOSS capabilities to address unmet business needs.

Management Team

Mike Burdett, Chairman
Mike began his career in the software industry in the 1960s when he started as a software developer. During the 1970s he moved through sales, marketing and management roles, leading to his first board level position in 1981. Mike's most recent full time position was as Chief Executive Officer of Scala Business Solutions NV, a global ERP software developer listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Now Mike acts as a non executive director and board level strategic adviser to a number of international software companies. Mike joined Warelite as Chairman in December 2003 and along with his other fiduciary duties, he will give strategic guidance as the company brings the Business Operating Support System to market.
Elena Pasquali, Director
A Business Manager with a strong Sales & Marketing background, Elena completed her Laurea in Molecular Biology with Full Marks and Honours in 1990. During the early 1990s she moved through sales and marketing positions within the Life Sciences sector. She moved into Business & Technology Consulting in 1997 with ZS Associates UK, later joining Cap Gemini UK and finally SAP AG, where she was a member of the CRM Global Business Unit. She is responsible for bringing the Business Operating Support System to Market through Strategic Partnerships with local and international Service and Technology Companies.
Daniel Grazioli, founder and Chief Technology Officer
Daniel is a Senior Architect with over 20 years experience, mostly as an independent Consultant and Company Director. He has spent the last 10 years working on the business and technical architecture of object oriented, multi-threaded, highly distributed computing environments. His technology background spans from Artificial Intelligence to Networking. He combines this breadth of knowledge with a deep understanding of key business processes within both the Manufacturing and the Services sectors. His business vision is based on openness, adaptivity, time to market and quality
Anthony Bracking, founder and Chief Administration Officer
Formerly Director of Corporate Public Affairs at S.C. Johnson Wax, Anthony has covered a variety of management and executive positions during his lifelong career
Mark Mills, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Mark has over 20 years IT experience, covering technology, marketing, alliances, sales and sales management. He joined WareLite in December 2004. As Alliance Director, Mark is deploying his extensive knowledge of IT sales and alliances to develop business opportunities for Warelite, primarily through strategic partnerships.
Rob Bamforth, Strategic Marketing Advisor
With over twenty three years in IT, Rob is an innovative and sales-focused marketing and technology specialist with extensive experience in identifying and promoting emerging concepts, and managing diverse teams. Analytical ability, strong communication skills and a commitment to deliver have brought success in sales, business development and marketing roles. Rob was among the first to see the commercial potential of both the Internet and Java through his business development roles at Sun Microsystems in the mid 1990s. His experiences in sales and marketing have been driven by an understanding of the broader picture, and desire to arouse enthusiasm and bring comprehension to a business audience. He now also works as an industry analyst looking at service provision and mobility in the convergence of IT and telecommunications.
Louise Beaumont, Head of Consulting
Driving the entire marketing lifecycle from client insight through business and marketing strategy development and marketing planning; to meeting client needs through excellent solutions; and building great relationships through strong communication and account based marketing, Louise works with clients to focus and accelerate their business development. She has consulted widely across the technology, life science and government sectors - focusing on everything from SMEs to multi-billion pound outsourcing deals - as well as having held senior positions in three global blue chip companies. Louise has worked across Europe and the US; beginning with an MA from St Andrew's University, followed by a PhD. from Strathclyde Business School. She then worked in consulting, strategy and marketing roles at Capgemini and Siemens, rising to VP of Marketing and Communications at Unisys.
Bernhard Lascy, Professional Technology Services Director
Bernhard started his career as an electronics engineer at ELIN/Austria, developing software for the process control system ELDATIC-2000. In 1986 he moved to Munich and founded his own consulting company, W.A.Mozart Consulting. Under this brand, Bernhard has been collaborating with both local firms, like A-Consult, an Austrian SAP Partner, as well as global companies like IBM, where he joined the DCS-Project at the IBM Research Laboratories in Zurich. Since 1989 Bernhard has been providing his expertise and software development skills to SAP customers implementing business processes, Workflow, EDI-concepts and Subsystems. Bernhard has also been very active in the academia, with collaborations with the Paul Scherrer Institute. In 1998 he got his Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Oakland University, Detroit. Bernhard is currently working on another Master Thesis at VUT focused on the European requirements for Engineering Management. Bernhard joins WareLite to manage the deployment of innovative event-driven solutions at European and global enterprises.